foolish mallrats

Mozzie HQ: Early AM

Moz woke up early and climbed out of her cage. All the other girls were still sleeping, which Moz was glad for. She wanted some time to do some preparations for tonight, and it was always easier with no one else in the way. Moz skipped breakfast; she'd eat later.  There was too much planning to do. Moz practically paced around the room - she was almost nervous. She needed to make a major impression to the other tribe leaders tonight. Make them see what a horrible job Salene was doing, make them understand that they could not just sit around and allow the Mallrats to run the City. But what if she failed? Failure was not an option. They would have to see. The other tribes weren't stupid, as often as Moz liked to think they were. If they had survived this long, they were strong enough and smart enough to see that the Mallrats were simply too much power with not enough brain.

Moz rummaged through some boxes and pulled out a stack of lined paper and a pen. She sat down and began writing down what she was going to say when everyone arrived tonight, as she waited for the rest of her tribe to wake up.
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Macon - Zapper Leader

Macon and Becky:Out In the City

Macon led Becky away from Zapper Headquarters and out into the streets, slowly. If Mega wanted to see him being serious, sticking to the plan, and making everyone do their part, then that's what he'd see. Macon was halfway tempted to go back and massacre those dumb Technos, including Line and Mega, but he also knew he was slightly outnumbered, and outsmarted. He also had half a mind to go over to that Mall and tell that joke of a city leader about Mega and his involvement, that would surely shock the shit out of her, but he couldn't. No, he couldn't do that because he needed this, how would he get what he'd been promised, his rise into a powerful position in the city? Rising above even Dan to become one of the most powerful Tribal leaders ever? Mega had sworn, Macon would live like a king, and if he betrayed Mega to Salene, that would all be over.

Macon would also be held accountable, he knew how those stinkin virty Mall Rats thought, their justice systems of old, they sickened him. When they had been appointed Lords of the City he didn't know, their stupid antidote wasn't enough to keep them there anymore, years had flown by. Forget them. They were lame, and he hated them, and soon he would be better than any of them. Especially better than Bray, and that joke, Salene, and that weird, manky hairy Eco, Pride. Forget them all, and soon they would all be forgotten. Their day of reckoning was coming, but first, Macon had a mission to fulfill, and he had to bide his time.

"Alright," he pulled Becky down an alleyway and pointed to some glass bottles on top of a crate, "See them glass bottles? Here, I'll show you," he powered her TGun up and helped show her how to aim, how to shoot, so she could feel how different it was from the virtual game. When one of the bottles broke he smiled and resisted the urge to overcontgradulate her, giving her a firm pat on the back. "Now you try, show me," he stood back and waited, watching.
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Leader of the Technos

Ram: Location unknown

Having pushed aside the thought that he may have gotten a little too rough with Java toward the end, Ram started out into the city. The noon sun was just crossing its peak and his eyes were still getting adjusted to the light. Autumn scents filled his senses, bringing back memories of happier times in his youth. It steeled his determination to re-build the world, to make it better than it had been before. A world where people didn't roam the streets like a bunch of wild animals, stealing, fighting over scraps, killing and dying because they had nothing better to do, nothing to hope for any longer. As these thoughts filtered through his mind some distant noises reached him. Sounds of fighting. "Great," he muttered, "the pack of animals is headed this way."

Quickly he pulled the hood farther down over his face and moved away from the noises, hurrying this way and that, seeking to put as much distance between himself and the throng of fighting as possible. All the while moving toward his meeting place, and trying to avoid the militia that seemed to be crawling all over the city. He very nearly collided with someone once as he rounded a corner, and mumbled a quick apology as he moved past them. There was an uncomfortable fear that someone might recognize him, even with his face nearly covered in tribal paint, the contours disguised with large stripes of black edged in silver. It was a real relief when he finally entered the meeting place, a small group of loyal followers were gathered inside waiting for him.
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On the steps of the Old Hospital

Jordan sat on the steps in front of the abandoned old Hospital. This was where he had told that zapper girl to meet him. He was agitated and nervous. Where was she? What had happened? Had she been caught? If she were caught, he knew she would break down and tell everyone about him soon enough. Should he wait here any longer? The longer he waited, the more nervous he became. He kept looking around, half-expecting to see a swarm of militia looking for him once more.

You're just being silly man.... you're paranoid... that's what you are.... Stop it! Just sit back and wait.... relax man.... doesn't do any good to get your nerves up.... She'll be here soon.... you know she will be...She won't dare to doublecross you... not after the beating she received.... He laughed at that thought, chuckling almost evilly to himself.

Jordan tried to relax as he sat waiting for her to show up. He leaned back against the steps, one leg dangling beneath him, trying to act casual. In his left hand was a metal rod, similar to the one he had used to kill both Stingrays. This one, however, was shorter, and not as thick as his previous weapon. In truth, he liked the other better, but that one had been lost to him and he did not dare backtrack to try to retrieve it. With his other hand, he held a rock, quickly rubbing it against the tip of the rod, trying to sharpen it. This was how he had finally sharpened the other so he could kill with it. Just took time, and patience, but he'd have a new weapon soon enough.

She should have been there already; where was she?
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Zapper HQ: May (attention Macon)

After Dax had left her alone in the office, she waited for a min, locating a pencil and some paper to leave a note for Salene, as she knew that Salene would be out of her mind with worry if May wasn’t here when she came to see her. Writing quickly, she left Sal a note.

I’m okay, but I have to talk to Macon.
I’ll be back before the wedding. Don’t worry.

Nodding, she folded the note, wrote Sal on the front and left it on her desk. For a moment, she thought about changing out of her nasty clothes, but instead she decided against it. She had to keep looking like a Zapper, therefore, she stepped out of Salene’s office, and went to the front entrance to the mall. Looking around for anyone who might stop her, she sighed in relief that no one was watching. May slipped out the doors and into the street. She shoved her hands in to the pockets of her jacket and quickly walked through the streets on her way to HQ. Keeping to herself, she tried to cause as little notice as possible, but of course Macon’s display of “love” for her was pretty public and she couldn’t afford for anyone to stop her. She had to make it to HQ as soon as possible.

Once she hit Zapper territory, she pulled her bandana out and put it on, straightening her hair again. Having already looked like she got her ass kicked, she didn’t want anyone to think she was homeless. After being stopped at the door to HQ, she was recognized by a few fellow Zappers, she was allowed inside. She stopped Zix to ask him if he knew where Macon was.

Zix replied, “Well, he was in the inner room with Becky, but then I saw some Zappers, who I had never seen before, entered, Becky left and then Macon left too. So I have no freaking idea… Hey, aren’t you the girl from the Mall?”

May looked annoyed at the fact that Macon wasn’t here. In fact she was pissed that the little fight with Lex caused her to miss Macon, and now she was going to have to waste time until he got back. Lex always messed things up for her. “I’m not from the mall, but I was there. I was going to the hospital to fix this.” She pointed to her face.

Zix cringed at her face. True, someone had done a number on her. “So did some punk Stingray do that to you?”

May narrowed her eyes at him, and looked disgusted. “Hell no, I can take any Stingray anytime. In fact, none of them would even get a chance to touch me, those pussies!”

Zix’s eyes widened at her words. Damn, she was pissed and of course he understood. He had insulted her to think that a Stingray had done it, but if they hadn’t, who did. “Woah, hey, I’m sorry, but if they didn’t do it.. then who did?”

May paused for a moment at his question, should she tell him? Looking down at the floor, for drama, she looked up at him from under her bandana. “The truth? Jordan.”

“What? Jordan?” Zix’s eyes had widened even further, more that May would have thought possible and his face went a bit white. “ Jordan has never attacked a fellow Zapper. Look, just wait inside and I’ll send Macon in as soon as he gets back.”

May nodded to him, then entered the room. Taking a seat facing the door, she waited for Macon to return, hoping that he would.

Aaron/Roger:Zapper Headquaters:Attn:Macon/Becky

"Stop being nervous man, you're gonna blow our cover," Aaron readjusted the collar on his vest jacket, reaching up to readjust his blue bandanna.

"I don't know, I mean, are you sure we look...virt?" Roger did the same, moving his blue bandanna around on his head until it felt like it was in the right place. He pulled on his pants, which were too baggy for his liking, he felt completely naked out of his Techno gear and in this..this virt wear.

"Yeah man we look totally virt, check us out," Aaron retorted, posing a bit and tugging at the collar of his vest jacket again, "How can we not look virt, the real question is, do we look Zapper?"

Roger gulped and blinked, "I...I don't know, oh..god we're going to be killed, they have TGuns Aaron," Roger instinctively reached for his left ear piece but it wasn't there, of course, and this made him panic more.

Aaron rolled his eyes, why did he have to get stuck with the loser? "Of course they do, and that is why we have these," he held up his right hand and pointed to the TGun strapped to it, "Now come on man, we're just going in to get Macon and then we're out of there, keep yourself in check," he instructed as they got closer to the Zapper HQ.

Sauntering inside, Aaron took a look around at the Zappers there, but no one really gave them a second look. Too many Zappers lived here in this building, but most of them were stashed away in little rooms, old cubicles made new homes within a home. Heading straight for the central room, Aaron knocked before entering, his eyes landing on the fat one they called Becky before his eyes shifted to Macon. "Macon," he greeted with a quick tilt of his chin, crossing his arms and taking on a superior stance, nudging Roger with his elbow to do the same. "We have some business to take care of, alone," he lifted his eyebrows pointedly at Becky, waiting for Macon to dismiss her. Aaron knew Macon knew him, and would know what this was about, he didn't know Roger in his virt form, but they'd interacted at Techno HQ plenty of times.